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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Last of the Summer Wine

Evenin' all, just thought I'd drop a line, get some of my incessantly orbiting thoughts out of my brain and onto some soft copy.

The summer has been a hootananee, quick summary is as follows: Europe, cottage, beach, camping, booze, etc......all the usual summer stuff everyone does to keep sane, myself included. And what grand times we have! So laid back, so in the moment, so perfect... as long as you don't remind yourself you have to go home to Toronto, it's all love. Special shout out to the week I spent in Tobermory with Jolan at my uncle's cottage ~ right on the lake, deck with BBQ, hikes and caves along the Bruce Trail, hammock and campfires and a bajillion stars. Not to mention some intense mini-golf skins games. (Intense!)

Another cool weekend we had was when, on a last minute spur of the moment idea, I booked a room for Jolan and I at the posh Royal York Hotel using Jess' friends and family discount (she's a hostess at the restaurant there). Hey, why not? We went out for a nice supper then spent the night sipping wine in our lush complimentary bathrobes. We lived in the lap of luxury, if only for a night. I figured there would never be an occasion for us to spend a night there, so why not create one? Carpe Diem!

Now I know what you're all thinking (and asking regularly), I'm spending an awful lot of time with this Jolan character (is that a real name?), what's it all about and will the wedding ball and chain be rattling soon? Answers: 1) yes I'm doing all these things with Jolan, not so much because I like him, it's just because he's there (kidding!) Honestly though, I really don't have many friends here in T.O. and since the majority of you are spread out across Ontario and the globe, Jolan wins by default. 2) yes it's kinda a name and 3) as Jess would say, "Oh fuck no!" (Nonsensical ramblings aside though, he truly is the absolute best and we care for each other a great deal. We're both still so young and will take it as it comes. Always an adventure with him, will keep you posted.....)

So school starts for me next week (vomit vomit vomit)) and George Brown College has already managed to screw me over! Now that's talent! Even Western didn't start to piss me off until after I actually set foot on campus. Won't go into details, this course just better be bloody worth the hassle. Vomit.

Have much more to say but I'm tired, seems like all I ever write about is pretty superficial mundane day to day stuff. Thought this whole blogger idea would be a bit more insightful but I guess that was a bit too much to assume. Da well. Maybe it's because I'm broadcasting to the world and maybe it's because I'm just not that insightful. I'll leave that one to ponder over for another time.......


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